6 Cybersecurity Stats When Responding to a Data Breach

Your healthcare organization needs to understand how to respond to a data breach. Has your healthcare organization recently been exposed to a data breach? You aren’t alone.

IPRO has compiled this critical information for healthcare organizations to show how cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and are able to mimic the work environment that individuals use specifically at their own organization to gain access to data.

The average time it takes to identify a breach is 228 days

As data continues to exponentially grow across organizations, all the additional data accumulated during this nearly 9 month period is also exposed before the breach is caught.

The average cost of each person breached is $600

The average cost of a healthcare organization security breach with regard to how much social security number is worth on the black market and everything that needs to be done to notify the person breached and give them identity protection.

Is your organization prepared to respond to the next data breach? IPRO has included some of the key findings in a downloadable infographic.

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