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State of eDiscovery Technology Adoption in 2023

State of eDiscovery Technology Adoption in 2023

An overview of the State of eDiscovery Technology in 2023, including the key use cases of eDiscovery technology application among law firms and corporate legal teams.

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February 16, 2023

Love What You Do

Watch eDiscovery colleagues and IPRO in this legal investigation rendezvous to learn how software made for experts like you can take your job to the…

December 16, 2022

How Outside Counsel Can Improve Cooperation With In-House Counsel in 2023

In this post, we share five best practices that outside counsel can implement to improve their cooperation with in-house counsel.

December 8, 2022

eDiscovery Elevated: 7 Ways Women are Leading Change

Watch as we expose 7 ways we see the eDiscovery landscape changing and how women are leading the charge in eDiscovery and legal technologies.

November 8, 2022

10 Trends That Will Redefine eDiscovery in 2023 webinar

Discover the new challenges facing the ever-changing eDiscovery landscape and the trends that are likely to shape eDiscovery in 2023.

November 8, 2022

Data Culling: 6 Best Practices to Avoid Overcollection and Reduce eDiscovery Expenses

In this post, we define what data culling is, why it becomes increasingly more important for legal professionals, and share six best practices for efficient…

November 1, 2022

10 Trends That Will Define eDiscovery in 2023 white paper

Stay up with the latest updates and advances in the eDiscovery industry and forecast the 10 trends that we expect to shape eDiscovery in 2023

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