IPRO Government Agencies Archive

October 7, 2021

Building the Business Case: Adopting Technology

Learn how to improve public records disclosure processes with the adoption of an integrated technology platform.

September 23, 2021

To Address Growing FOIA Backlogs, Government Agencies Need to Govern More

Some of the best practices for addressing FOIA backlogs come from standard best practices that you can apply to any organization, not just government entities.

September 9, 2021

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Conference: RM@930gov 2021

Watch the 9th annual RM@930gov webinar replay for a discussion on AI/Machine Learning, Digitization, FOIA and M-19-21 Solutions.

July 20, 2021

Bay Area Virtual Digital Government Summit 2021

Watch a replay of the Virtual Digital Government Summit to explore possibilities of, how to prepare for, the post-pandemic workplace.

July 1, 2021

Return to the Office, Continue Working from Home, or Simply Quit?

With responses to the end of the pandemic and return to the office varying widely, eDiscovery professionals should continue to be flexible in terms of…

June 25, 2021

Government Survey 2021

Learn how these government agencies are facing challenging demands for information, eDiscovery, security and more in this white paper.

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