Looking to 2022 at IPRO: Personalized Attention to Customer Success

By Dean Brown, IPRO CEO

As we enter 2022 at IPRO, I’m reflective of the tremendous growth and strides our company has made over the last several years as we continue to build our technologies, solutions, and teams to better support our customers across the globe.

On the heels of our 2020 acquisition of NetGovern, we came into 2021 with the most valuable solution set in the industry—from governance to trial. This gives us the capability to enable customers to discover AI-driven insights upstream in their eDiscovery processes, allowing a deeper understanding of their data—before they even collect it.

Additionally, our Active Learning tools now help customers find relevant documents 3 times faster during review processes versus other products on the market.

But a great set of tools is only the start of what we want to provide to customers. So, we spent the early part of 2021 listening and working with our customer base—which now spans over 1,500 organizations—to really learn how we could help them more. Whether trying to solve data or process challenges for internal investigations, PRR, data compliance, or eDiscovery—we strive to provide the level of value our customers need to be more efficient and successful.

It was through these conversations that we realized a need for additional capabilities around analytics, Legal Hold, and internationalization in the market. Identifying these areas led directly to our acquisition of ZyLAB in July—the leading international eDiscovery company with deep roots in applied analytics and Legal Hold.

By integrating ZyLAB into the IPRO family in 2021, we’ve not only been able to offer customers the ability to automate legal hold notification and preservation but also broadened our analytics capabilities. With unparalleled “upstream” indexing, governance, and legal hold, we now provide solutions that enable customers to build the most efficient eDiscovery processes, by truly connecting information governance and eDiscovery processes and tools. The results are faster time to value, more control, lower risk, and lower costs.

The integrations of ZyLAB and NetGovern products and teams enabled IPRO to double in size, customers and revenue, over the past two years and better equipped us to help customers in all use cases.

For example, our analytics capabilities are now on the forefront of the eDiscovery industry, as we now have support from some of the brightest analytics minds in the world, including our Chief Data Scientist, Johannes (Jan) Schotles, a professor of applied analytics and text mining (especially as applied to ligation), who has been involved with ZyLAB since 1998.

Achieving customer success

Throughout 2021, we also applied our technology advancements and knowledge to customer needs and continued to see great success. One customer now uses IPRO to gain insights into over 6 billion records under index. Others have been able to reduce document volume by over 85+%.

These great strides in data management have helped our customers–which include multi-national corporations in verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services, law firms of all sizes, government agencies, and legal service providers–to achieve better litigation outcomes.

But our technology advancements are just a part of what IPRO accomplished in 2021 to help our customers.

Our knowledge and services teams are consistently top notch—achieving an astounding combined NPS score of 52 and a CSAT of 4.8—as they provide 24/7 availability to customers through a combination of direct calls, personalized services, Master Classes, and the largest Learning Center of product training offerings in the industry.

What’s next in 2022

With the integration of ZyLAB and NetGovern technologies and expansion of our customer success and analytics teams in 2021, IPRO is poised for even more opportunities to partner with our customers in 2022 and beyond.

Our increased presence in the UK and EU gives us even further resources to continue to accelerate and broaden the path of our customers no matter where they are or where their data challenges lie.

Our progress in 2021 has been on behalf of our customer base. We truly want to be the federating layer that connects litigation support, outside counsel, and service providers to equip them with more power, insight into their data, and better decision-making abilities.

As IPRO continues to grow in 2022, in both our technical capabilities and staff, I look forward to offering even more personalized attention to customers to help them move upstream and drive their success.