IPRO Delivers Simplicity, Affordability and Automation with ADD

New Release of ADD Automated Digital Discovery® Introduces Media Manager™ and IPRO-Q™

TEMPE, ARIZ. – For corporations, law firms and service providers who demand a simple and automated way to manage eDiscovery, IPRO Tech, LLC, today announced a new release of its workflow platform, ADD Automated Digital Discovery®. The latest version introduces Media Manager, the first integrated web-based solution to completely automate and optimize identifying and tracking electronic files across the eDiscovery workflow. The release also includes IPRO-Q, delivering seamless integration between IPRO processing and Relativity review on the ADD platform.

ADD utilizes patent-pending technology to stream data to review in minutes without the time delays, errors and budget overruns common in other eDiscovery systems. With the addition of Media Manager and IPRO-Q, customers now have a workflow that automates the eDiscovery process with forensically sound data streaming and flexible review options, helping to keep case teams aligned and productive from start to finish.

“Over the years our industry has adopted complicated and disconnected workflows. With this release of ADD, IPRO is solving critical business issues that have persistently plagued the industry,” said Kim Taylor, President and CEO, IPRO. “We continue to raise the bar on what customers can expect from IPRO and its commitment to our {i-proclamation}TM to deliver simple, affordable and automated eDiscovery.”

With Media Manager, users can also add key delivery and metadata information to source media (hard drives, thumb drives, DVDs, etc.) and electronic files for better document management and tracking. The tool makes it easy to auto-generate barcodes, copy media content to the network to create and track discovery jobs, and map media paths to existing clients and custodians. Customers can generate extensive reporting to demonstrate forensically sound media management.

Additional features in ADD include:

Faster Processing Speed – with ADD’s powerful copy workers the time it takes to discover, extract, OCR and export data is faster than ever before.

Continuous Streaming – provides hands-free loading of data into IPRO Eclipse document review, as well as Relativity, at user defined intervals. This eliminates the manual process of managing export volumes and data load files.

First-Pass Filtering – applies filtering options such as date ranges, deduplication and de-NIST to cull data at the same time documents are streaming into review. This rapid ingestion offers the ability to apply advanced analytics and filtering at different stages in the review application.

Families Stay Together – Document families (e.g., emails and attachments) are automatically kept together while streaming through the workflow to ensure proper tracking and best practices.

On-Demand License Consumption – ADD workers employ user licenses based on the types of tasks in queue, allowing a computer to accept any type of work (e.g., copying, filtering) as needed. ADD automatically routes tasks to the appropriate workers, boosting its speed and performance. This unique licensing model allows customers greater flexibility in how they manage their workloads and respond to the demands of specific cases.

This release also includes updates to the company’s early case assessment tool Allegro, analytic web-based review IPRO Eclipse and the high-speed processing tool eCapture, which has long been the “gold standard” in the industry. Allegro enhancements are focused on load file performance, indexing and PDF handling to further improve efficiencies. IPRO Eclipse’s release introduces improvements in speed, functionality and reporting. The eCapture update advances processing performance, expands IPRO Eclipse export features and OCR capabilities.

IPRO’s Automated Digital Discovery (ADD) platform will be showcased at the upcoming Legaltech New York Conference, February 2-4, 2016 in booths 302 and 305.

IPRO products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, superior customer service and after-hours technical support. Media Manager is an optional component of ADD. To learn more about the Automated Digital Discovery platform schedule a product demo by visiting

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