IPRO and TrialDirector Partner to Offer Online Deposition Video Repository in Eclipse

The partnership aims to expand the e-discovery review platform’s deposition transcription scope
Written by: Zach Warren, Legaltech News

Discovery is no longer just letters and other documents, or just emails and their attachments. Modern e-discovery means analyzing video, audio, social media, and a host of other multimedia channels that even the most robust e-discovery tool or practitioner may find challenging.

To bolster its own e-discovery review software’s video deposition analysis, IPRO announced on April 27 that it will be partnering with TrialDirector moving forward. The partnership allows IPRO to integrate TrialDirector’s product line, most notably online deposition video repository TrialDirector SHARE, into IPRO’s review platform Eclipse.

Eclipse already featured video transcript functionality, but this new partnership expands the program’s deposition scope. IPRO noted that users will now be able to import already synchronized deposition video files directly from TrialDirector SHARE, which will then be combined with documents and other transcripts already within Eclipse. Searches on this combined data, IPRO said, should “set for a clearer picture of the case.”

Kim Taylor, CEO of IPRO, told Legaltech News from the company’s Innovations conference in Arizona that the new integration is attempting to solve two issues at once – expanding multimedia support while also responding to customer requests for synchronized deposition video file support.

“The transcript module in Eclipse both on the desktop and the web-based version is quite robust and widely used. The synced video integration continues to improve Eclipse and expands its use past review, pushing its capabilities through trial and into the courtroom,” Taylor explained. “With the integration, users can grab copies from TrialDirector SHARE and add them directly into Eclipse with a push of a button. It made it a no brainer for us to develop the integration and capability within Eclipse.”

As to why partnering with TrialDirector specifically, Taylor pointed to the company’s position as a market leader; its network of court reporters and content creators that generate, support and sync their files; and the helpful location of both companies being located in the Phoenix area.

He also noted that the technology aligns well: “TrialDirector is launching an online repository, giving us a seamless way to access and to pull video transcripts into Eclipse from the TrialDirector SHARE repository in one step.”

This collaboration is far from the only improvement IPRO has made to its product line. In January the company expand its partnership with Content Analyst, while in September, IPRO  introduced its Automated Digital Discovery platform. With the ever-changing online world, though, Taylor said the company is continually trying to keep pace with technological advancements.

“There’s no question that the plethora of new file formats pose new challenges for collecting electronically stored information (ESI) data. What IPRO is focused on is ensuring that we keep pace with being able to ingest and manage these files as part of the larger document review collection,” Taylor said. “We already ingest hundreds of different file types and have important connections with the leading data collection tools. But we also want to stay ahead of the curve, and that’s why we jumped at the opportunity to pull the video synced transcript files into Eclipse.”

The company unveiled the partnership at its Innovations conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, a three-day event aimed at educating potential partners, customers, and interested e-discovery parties on both the company’s offerings and the latest trends in the industry. Taylor described this year’s event as “our best Innovations yet.”

“I believe we’ve given attendees a lot to take home with them from new connections to new product skills and insight for navigating the e-discovery challenges they’re facing. We also had a record turnout for certifications before and after the event; and we still have attendees hard at work today, getting trained and certified on our products,” Taylor said.

IPRO said the integration of the Eclipse e-discovery review platform and the online deposition video repository TrialDirector SHARE should be completed around the time of ILTACON 2016 in late August

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