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Case Study

Law Firm Brinks, Gilson & Lione Highlights IPRO Enterprise eDiscovery for “Ease-Of-Use”

Earlier this year, Suzanne O'Mahoney, Director of Paralegal Services and Litigation Support, Brinks, Gilson & Lione, shared some thoughts on why BGL chose IPRO as their eDiscovery solution.

Ease of Use. First Class Support.

We are a boutique law firm focused mainly on patent, trademark, and copyright law. Five years ago, we wanted to update our eDiscovery software from Concordance and after looking at all of our options, the litigation support group at the firm all agreed that IPRO for enterprise was the best solution, especially for its ease-of-use and IPRO’s first class customer support.

Strong Relationships

Instead of having to outsource everything, I felt good keeping it in-house, because I had IPRO as a safety net.

Suzanne O’Mahoney, Director of Paralegal Services and Litigation Support, Brinks, Gilson & Lione

I love the people at IPRO. I am someone who appreciates good relationships, and if I have a problem, I simply pick up the phone, and IPRO responds immediately. Last year, one of our key players at the firm who handled most of litigation support needed to take family leave. IPRO stepped in and said, “Sue, we’re here for you. Here’s a number. Call us if you need anything, and we will assist and guide you while you’re shorthanded.” I appreciate that.

A True eDiscovery Partner

Not only do I manage a department, but I’m also a user, and IPRO really listens. If I have a problem and want something changed, they say, “We’ll see what we can do.” As a client, I like that. IPRO is a true professional service partner. They make you feel like you are part of a family.

IPRO is reinventing the way organizations interact with their data.

IPRO revolutionizes the eDiscovery process by providing earlier, actionable insights before collection occurs, empowering legal teams to focus on what matters.