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Legal Hold Should Be Easy by Now. So, Why Do We Still See So Many Failures to Execute It?

Written by Doug Austin, Editor of eDiscovery Today Over the years, the most common type of eDiscovery case law rulings I’ve covered involved sanctions requests for spoliation of electronically stored information (ESI). It’s a common issue for organizations – whether the sanctions request is ultimately granted or not. I’m baffled by how many organizations – […]

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5 minutes of your time well spent

February 22, 2022

7 Things to Look for When Selecting Legal Hold Software

This blog describes the legal hold process and recommends 7 Things to Look for When Selecting Legal Hold Software

February 15, 2022

IPRO Announces Strong Growth in Financial Services Customers, Leading to Early Company Success in 2022

IPRO announces strong growth in legal hold and eDiscovery solutions with customers in financial services organizations.

January 25, 2022

6 Ways Tech Helps Legal Counsel Work Smarter

This blog describes 6 ways Legal tech helps corporate lawyers, including for eDiscovery review—by automating and rapidly completing low-value, repetitive, mindless tasks.

January 18, 2022

Why Legal Teams Should Be Thinking About Data Archiving in 2022

With the increase in unstructured enterprise data over the past few years, corporate legal should absolutely be thinking carefully about how their organizations manage that…

January 13, 2022

Hold it Right There – For Real This Time

A truly effective and mature legal hold program today means in-place legal hold and early EDA means in-place assessment of an organization’s data

January 12, 2022

Performing Early Data Assessment for Legal Hold

Join host Nick Inglis & Jeffrey Wolff as they discussed how corporate legal departments can get started with Live EDA for Legal Hold.

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