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State of eDiscovery Technology Adoption in 2023

Every year comes with new challenges for the legal industry. From growing volumes of data to more complex laws and regulations, legal teams face increasing pressure to streamline their operations and reduce related costs year after year.

This report will provide an overview of the state of eDiscovery technology in 2023, including the key use cases of eDiscovery technology application among law firms and corporate legal teams; as well as their current adoption of AI-powered functionalities in eDiscovery tools.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Use cases of eDiscovery technology application;
  • State of AI-powered eDiscovery Technology in 2023
  • Adoption of AI tools in eDiscovery technology: 2022 vs 2021
  • How can you improve your use of eDiscovery technology?
  • The future of the legal profession and the value of AI for eDiscovery

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