How to Maximize Impact and Showcase the Business Value of Your Corporate Legal Team in 2023

About the Webinar

In this webinar, IPRO’s Sarai Schubert, COO, and Jeffrey Wolff, Director of Corporate Solutions, discuss how you can maximize impact and showcase the business value of your corporate legal team in 2023. They begin by unpacking the key findings of the survey IPRO ran in partnership with ACEDS to explore the key priorities, goals, and expectations of 126 corporate legal professionals in 2023.

Then, Sarai and Jeffrey delve into the role eDiscovery technology plays in supporting legal teams, and how corporate legal professionals can deliver more business value within their organization.

Areas of discussion:

  1. Unpacking the key survey results:
    • the most pressing eDiscovery challenges for legal teams in 2023;
    • corporate legal professionals’ expectations and business priorities for 2023;
    • their current and expected future relationship with the law firms they work with;
    • how legal teams currently collect data and areas of improvement; perceptions and
    • use of AI-driven eDiscovery technology among corporate legal professionals
  2. Insights and commentary on the role that technology will play in supporting corporate legal teams in 2023
  3. How legal teams can maximize their impact within their organization in 2023