What Type of Virtual Instructor Led Training Will Work Best for Me?

By Kelly Lyons, IPRO Product Learning Experience Team

After taking a look at the various training options IPRO offers, you may determine that live training would be the best fit for you or your team.

The great news is that IPRO offers several excellent options in this area! We call our live trainings Virtual Instructor Led Trainings or VILTs, and they can be purchased directly through the Learning Center. When making your purchase, you might wonder which VILT to choose: public or private.

How can you decide between the two? We’ve gathered some information to help you decide.

Public VILTs

Each month, we offer public Administrator VILTs for OPEN DISCOVERY (, discovery ][ Local, and TRIAL DIRECTOR.

Each training is prescheduled well in advance, allowing you to view our upcoming offerings and sign up for the training that works best for you. These trainings take place over the course of 3-4 days depending on the course. Each day they start a 8 AM Arizona time and finish either at 10:30 or 11:00 depending on the training selected.

Open session purchases are sold on a per-seat basis. On the Learning Center you can purchase an individual seat or multiple seats for you and others in your organization. Since VILTs are public courses, you’ll be joined by other IPRO users who will also be looking to gain a deeper understanding of our products. Attendance is limited to 8 participants, helping us ensure that you’ll have a great learning experience.

Public VILTs are the more cost-effective option if you or your colleagues are looking to take the next step in your learning journey. Each individual seat costs between $800 and $1000 (again dependent upon the course selected), so this can be a great bang for your buck, allowing small groups to receive the same great training as they would get with a private VILT!

One thing to note is that certification exams are not included with a public VILT purchase. However, they can be purchased separately for $500 per person, so public VILTs are definitely a fantastic solution if you’re looking to become an IPRO-certified administrator!

Private VILTs

Another option you can take to expand your knowledge of IPRO solutions is to purchase a private VILT through our Learning Center.

Private VILTs are offered for OPEN DISCOVERY, discovery ][ Local, TRIAL DIRECTOR, Eclipse SE, eCapture, and TrialDirector 6.8. This type of training differs from a public VILT in several key ways.

First, we offer both Getting Started and Administrator-level private VILTs, so this is an excellent choice whether you’re a newbie to IPRO products or an experienced user.

Next, private VILTs are limited to participants from your organization, leading to a more personalized experience. Attendance is capped at 5 participants to ensure that every member of your group has enough time to ask any questions they may have regarding our products and how they can be used to help with your specific workflows.

Finally, because private VILTs are geared exclusively for your specific team, we are able to work with you to schedule them at a time that’s convenient for you.

Getting Started VILTs range in price from $1000-$1200, while all Administrator VILTs cost $4000. Each Administrator private training purchase includes one certification exam to be used by an attendee of your choice.

If your team needs more certification exams, they can easily be purchased for the additional cost of $500 each. Larger groups or groups with more specialized needs may decide that private training is the way to go. For others, the added flexibility in scheduling can be a huge asset.


Whichever VILT you choose, you will be getting a high-quality learning experience with one of our terrific trainers!

For aspiring Administrators, public training can be the ideal path towards furthering your understanding of IPRO’s software, gaining your certification and advancing your career.

For bigger groups who need to coordinate schedules, private trainings may be more cost-effective while also providing more flexibility.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered, and we’re happy to help you on your IPRO learning journey!

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