Technical Support Can Help with Your IPRO Solutions

By Kelly Lyons, IPRO Learning Experience Team

When working with any technology, chances are that you’ll run into some hiccups along the way. Maybe a certain feature isn’t working quite right, or you might have a question about a new task. That is why having the assistance of a strong technical support team at your fingertips is so crucial.

IPRO is committed to ensuring your experience with our products runs as smoothly as possible, so we’ve enlisted incredible technical support engineers to help you along the way!

To ensure top-notch support, we have Support Engineers in the United States, Amsterdam, Germany, and Canada who specialize in every major component of each IPRO solution. Their email and new ticket request response times average less than 1 hour, while average wait time for incoming calls is under 10 minutes. We also offer live chat support during regular business hours (8AM-5PM Arizona time) and emergency on-call assistance after hours and on holidays.

Our customers deserve more than just speed and availability, however, they require high-quality support above all else.

Customer reported quality support

Our customers know that when they reach out to IPRO support, they’ll receive the assistance of a skilled and knowledgeable product expert. In fact, our support Engineers have maintained an impressive 4.8 out of 5 Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rating over the last 12 months from over 2,700 responses.

So how can our Technical Support team assist your specific needs when challenges arise?

First, our Support Engineers practice in-depth troubleshooting techniques designed to minimize time spent diagnosing and resolving any issues our clients may encounter, whether they be related to data, the environment, end users, or the product itself.

We have designed clear escalation paths for any issue that may arise, which allow you to leverage Escalation and Senior Escalation engineers, all of whom have years of experience troubleshooting and engineering complex and creative solutions to problems. These experts have the skills to guarantee the quickest resolution possible.

Combining support and product releases

Our Support Team also works closely with our Software Engineering and Quality Engineering teams for every minor and major release cycle. This collaboration helps us identify and prioritize any issues as early as possible for resolution.

Finally, we offer publicly available help articles and product documentation on our Help Center if you wish to troubleshoot on your own. We also recommend checking out our public forum, where customers can discuss IPRO-related topics with other users.

Technical Support plays a critical role in resolving the inevitable hiccups that arise when dealing with any software. IPRO has invested heavily in this area to ensure a positive customer experience. By offering flexible, high-quality support over numerous mediums, we aim to meet our customers where they are, resolving issues in a timely manner and helping our customers achieve their goals with minimal downtime.

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