Moving to the Cloud from Eclipse SE

By Susanne Strong, Content Developer, IPRO’s Learning Experience Team and Lori Bregenzer, Client Success Manager, IPRO’s Customer Experience Team

There’s A LOT going on at IPRO. We’re moving and shaking here and now’s the time for you to do the same!

Yes, it’s true that Eclipse SE support is ending next year. If you’re currently using this product, rest assured, all is not lost. IPRO has designed a path for you to take so that you too can move forward in a way that works best for you.

We’ve created four annual subscription Cloud Packages, all of which have different options depending on your need for hosted storage, features, and administrative control. Learn more about Cloud Packages.

The Starter Package

This is created for small firms and designed as a way for you to make your move to the IPRO Cloud with little effort. With a comparable price point to a software renewal, it’s great for firms with a lot of smaller-sized cases that could really benefit from the added features you gain with OPEN DISCOVERY in our Cloud. These features include Email Threading, Keyword List Management, and easy web-based access for those working remotely, co-counsel, or expert witnesses. IPRO Cloud Solutions manages the hosted environment for you. So, there’s no need to worry about the back-end administration.

The Business Package

This is built for small to mid-sized firms that have large cases and would like for someone else to handle the environment management and back-end administration. In addition to the features that are included with the Starter package, the Business package adds in Advanced Analytics such as Concept Clusters and Active Learning to help you wrap your arms around those huge sets of data that need to be reviewed. With predictable annual subscription pricing, 1 TB hosted storage included, and advanced Review options, this package offers the most bang for your buck.

The Business Plus Package

This is a cloud solution designed for larger firms with at least one Litigation Technology person on staff. It’s an ideal option for firms that require full administrative, security, and environmental control; but would rather not invest in the infrastructure or personnel needed to host their data on-premises. This package includes our entire OPEN DISCOVERY solution hosted in the IPRO Cloud. It comes with added resources such as 2 TB of hosted storage and enhanced environment settings for faster data processing. With this package, you have access to and control over your data processing, database customizations, as well as a firm-branded file transfer solution, plus much more. 

The Elite Package

This is the ultimate package. It is designed for the maximum number of users and includes twice the storage capacity and even faster processing of the Business Plus Package.  It also includes custom integrations, and monitoring dashboards. In addition, it includes a whopping 100 Basic Users seats and 10 Administrator seats with year-long access to the Learning Center.


Believe it or not, the steps for migrating a case from Eclipse SE or discovery ][ Local to OPEN DISCOVERY are easy.

Here at IPRO, we’ve even created Self-Guided Learning courses that walk you through the export/import process. Our help center also has documentation that explains how to complete this process for both Eclipse SE and discovery ][ Local to OPEN DISCOVERY.

For information on the costs of these plans, contact us today!