Get Hands-on with ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery from IPRO

ZyLAB ONE is now part of the IPRO Legal Discovery Platform, after IPRO acquired ZyLAB, last summer.

The combination offers an AI-driven, real-time hold-in-place and search-in-place eDiscovery and Information Governance Platform offering solutions for Internal Investigations, Data Privacy & Compliance, eDiscovery, and Information Requests.

An introduction to ZyLAB ONE can be found here. The ZyLAB Documentation Portal is where users find all the tools they need when working with ZyLAB ONE: Get Started workflows, Training courses, Video channels, and Manuals. The latest features are explained in the What’s New sections.

First-time users are advised to start with our mini-guides, also known as our onboarding videos. These videos show you how to start using ZyLAB ONE (creating a matter, uploading data, using the matter dashboard, and navigating a matter), navigate & view, search & highlight, perform document actions, and download & produce. More videos are available on our ZyLAB Videos channel.

Training for specialized users

If you are a specialized user of ZyLAB ONE in one of the following areas (PRR & FOIA, eDiscovery for Litigation, Internal Investigation, Wob (Dutch), Data Privacy & Protection, Regulatory Requests), we have specific Get Started workflows just for you. Each of these workflows will guide you through all necessary steps from beginning to end for your specific use and most include videos to give you a more interactive learning experience. 

We recommend keeping our Quick Reference Guide bookmarked as well. It includes a short overview of the most important features and search techniques in ZyLAB ONE.

To get certified in ZyLAB ONE, you can follow our training programs to be a Certified Review Specialist and/or a Certified Application Administrator. Both include basic knowledge of all features within the solution. An in-depth Search Language course is included for the Review Specialist as well as an extensive Configuration course for the Application Administrator.

And finally, last but not least, ZyLAB ONE offers context-sensitive or in-app help for users. Simply click one of the small help icons in the product to view both the help and the product together. Follow the links inside for more information on the Documentation Portal.

For more information on ZyLAB, click here.

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