Building IPRO Products That Users Will Love

By the User Experience team

Everyone has that one product feature that they love. When you wake up in the morning and there’s freezing sleet coming down, you might heave a sigh of relief that your car has a remote start.

Better yet, when Apple released visual voicemail with its first-generation iPhone, consumers were thrilled that they no longer had to laboriously move through voicemails in sequential order, one at a time, until they found the one they wanted.

These types of features help make users’ lives easier, giving them a sense that their needs are being heard. Here at IPRO, we also want to inspire those kinds of feelings in the people who use our products.

IPRO’s Secret Ingredients

The IPRO User Experience (UX) team has been hard at work building product features that will thrill our users. Central to our efforts is understanding for whom we’re designing. Who are our users and what do they really want? What would make them fall in love with our product?

To help us discover answers to these questions, we got together with our internal product teams and identified everything we know about our users. By discussing what we have learned interviewing users, observing them work with our products in real time, and analyzing data, we identified the 4 pillars that we believe represent the kind of product our users can love.

The IPRO Design Pillars


The IPRO product suite inspires confidence in the people who use it. Because we build trust with our users at every step of the way, they never doubt our integrity. We’re transparent with how we do things. Users never question that we’re meeting their expectations.

  • We display information clearly, and unambiguously, and we reduce the possibility for our users to make errors.
  • If they do make an error, users can easily recover. Because we’ve inspired trust, they never worry about safely exploring different parts of our product.
  • We make it easy to check the integrity and security of our users’ data.


While our users work in a complex domain that has a lot of moving parts, the IPRO product suite is never complicated. We remove the friction between user and interface by crafting a familiar, natural experience that requires little to no effort to learn.

  • We’re not frivolous with our design. We employ colors and animations to make the product experience more effective and powerful, not to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh.’ Our tone is friendly and approachable, but knowledgeable.
  • Users shouldn’t need to consult a dictionary when they read our tooltips. We keep jargon to a minimum so users know exactly what’s happening.
  • Our interface is sophisticated, but not complicated. We strive for a modern, aesthetic look, but we’ll never sacrifice power for simplicity.
  • We’ll never hide information or bury actions in another screen just to make the interface simpler. We walk a tightrope between a clean interface and a powerful one so we can give users an efficient, thoughtful experience.


We understand that there’s more than one way to solve a problem. Our users need a product that’s adaptive and flexible — a solution that meets their specific expectations and way of working. We prioritize user research so we can build a product experience that’s applicable to all our users, from case administrators to reviewers to paralegals.

  • We don’t want our users to spend hours customizing the interface. Instead, we allow them to make small, yet powerful tweaks that add significant value. They can easily edit the interface, and their changes save when they navigate to different parts of the product.
  • Managing the eDiscovery process is already difficult enough. A product shouldn’t add to that. We make it simple, straightforward, and intuitive for case managers to establish permissions for different users and groups.
  • Reviewers don’t get paid to learn a complex interface. They get paid to generate insights. With IPRO, reviewers have a clean, manageable interface that meets or exceeds expectations established by consumer-facing applications.
  • We employ automation to reduce redundancy. We respect our users’ time by helping them automate tasks that they do frequently.


More than a data-driven company, IPRO is a data-friendly company. We help users maximize insights because our data analytics tools are second to none.

  • Raw data can be messy and hard to interpret. We reduce cognitive load through visualizations and high-level summaries of data. Users can always drill deeper into the data, but we keep it simple at first glance to avoid overwhelming people.
  • Because we know our users, we group our data in consistently meaningful ways. Users never have to search for what they’re looking for or build complex queries (unless they want to).
  • More than anything else, our product helps users reduce uncertainty. We prioritize displaying data in a way that is clear, understandable, and reduces the time it takes to make a decision.

A Product that Works Best for You

With our product experience pillars in hand, the UX team at IPRO is now prepared to build those features that will make users fall madly, deeply in love with our products.

If you have your own thoughts about how the product team can build an experience that you love, the UX team would love to hear from you. We’d love to talk more with you about building a product that works best for you. Please reach out to us anytime at [email protected], or keep in touch with us by joining the UX IPROgram.