An Introduction to the IPRO Learning Center Subscription Plans

By Julie Badger, Director Learning Experience

Last spring, IPRO launched a Learning Center to help all our customers further their understanding and use of our solutions. Since then, our team of content developers have continued to add and update Learning Center courses with updated information.

When we first launched the IPRO Learning Center, customers could buy courses on a per seat basis. Access to self-guided courses and recorded webinars was time limited to a two-month access window.

Today, I’m excited to announce an annual subscription model for the IPRO Learning Center, allowing longer timeframes to access to all that great content! Learning Center subscriptions also offer some significant savings on training costs.

We will continue to offer options for pay-as-you go training, as we understand not everyone will need long-term access to our training courses and want all customers to feel comfortable buying only the content that meets their needs and budget.

Purchasing options for Learning Center content

IPRO now will offer two options for purchasing Learning Center content.

  1. Our Pay-As-You-Go option allows you to buy just the courses you need on a per-seat basis.
  2. Our subscription plans allow you to buy year-long access for basic users and admin (courses included differ per subscription type).

Here’s a quick visual breakdown Pay-As-You-Go versus the Subscription plans.

Why purchase Pay-As-You-Go?

Pay-As-You-Go allows users to only buy the courses or learning paths they need now on a per seat basis. Small firms with limited budgets may find that purchasing courses/paths ad hoc via the pay-as-you-go plan is the optimal way to get staff trained on IPRO products. The price point for individual courses is low and offers access to the courses for two months. However, in the long run if firms purchase a lot of individual courses, they may end up paying more for training.

Why purchase a Learning Center Subscription?

For mid-sized firms or organizations that have a significant number of users, the subscription route is likely the best bet.

  • A Basic User Subscription offers access to the Learning Center for up to 10 basic users. Courses available in this package are beginner-level courses, such as the self-guided User Certification learning path and the Getting Started recorded webinar series for your product line.
  • For administrators, you can purchase the Admin Subscription, which provides admin access to all of the self-guided and recorded webinar courses.

What if I need both Subscription and Pay-As-You-Go?

But you don’t have to pick just one option for access to IPRO’s Learning Center content. You can mix our pay-as-you-go model and only purchase subscriptions strategically.

For example:

  • Basic Subscription with Pay-As-You Go for Admins: Some firms may decide that they want to buy the Basic Subscription for users and just buy the admin courses ad hoc.
  • Admin Subscription with Pay-As-You Go Basic Users: Other firms prefer the basic user training to be purchased on a per-seat basis, but they want the Admin to have full access all year long.

Subscription Plans and IPRO Cloud Tiers

One major benefit of moving to the IPRO Cloud is that the Cloud packages include subscriptions. The seat count for each package is:

  • Starter Package =10 Basic User and 1 Admin Subscriptions
  • Business Package = 20 Basic User and 2 Admin Subscriptions
  • Business Plus Package = 30 Basic User and 3 Admin Subscriptions
  • Premier Package = 100 Basic User and 10 Admin Subscriptions

Subscription plans are the next frontier in the IPRO Learning Experience. If you want a deeper dive view into what’s included in each course, see our free course here. We look forward to continuing to serve your learning needs in 2022.

Happy Learning!

For more information about tips like these, keep tuning in to our regular blog series from our Learning Experience team.

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