The Importance of Recognition in the Workplace 

By Patricia Bramer

A formal recognition program in the workplace is no longer a just peripheral medium to entice employees to achieve company goals.

As a follow-on to the great resignation, it’s now become an essential communications and benefits strategy for many organizations to retain employees.

According to Workstars, 66% of employees are likely to leave their jobs because they don’t feel appreciated. 

At IPRO, we believe employee recognition is more important than ever as part of our culture. And we have the data to back that up.

How IPRO promotes recognition before a formal award

IPRO runs annual and more recently weekly engagement surveys for all our employees, enabling them to have a direct medium to share how they are feeling about our company and their individual role.

Then we take the resulting information to a new level. Not only do our executives spend hours analyzing engagement data, we take it back to our employees not only share, but also ask them to aid in solving the challenges they’ve uncovered and help reinforce the wins. 

We run focus groups of employees to help drive the resulting changes our employees are looking to enhance or build. And we promote a positive work environment by enabling everyone in our organization to join these groups.

This culture of employee engagement has resonated under CEO Dean Brown’s leadership for nearly four years. 

Employee-based recognition

To continue on with our focus on employee engagement, we recently implemented an employee-based recognition program.

We integrated Nectar, an employee recognition tool, into our team’s online environment. This solution allows us to give both employees and managers the power to recognize their peers for demonstrating one of our core values, or going above and beyond for our customers or colleagues.

As employee recognition by managers and peers is rooted in IPRO’s core values, we wanted to reward both the acts of giving and receiving recognition. We give each employee a set of points to use each month to recognize their colleagues. When an employee receives those points, they can choose to redeem them for various prizes, such as digital gift cards or IPRO swag.

In the short time we’ve been using Nectar, our employees are making the most of this recognition tool.

“During our busy day-to-day, Nectar makes it easy to recognize co-workers that have exceeded expectations and to show your appreciation beyond a simple thank you,” said Diego Iannitelli, Technical Support Manager.

Recognition for milestones and wellness

  Not only does IPRO’s culture focus on recognizing peers for demonstrating one of IPRO’s culture codes, but Nectar has also allowed us to centralize our incentives by recognizing and giving points for employee birthdays and anniversary milestones.  

Finally, setting up individual challenges motivates employees to do things that increase their wellness which aligns with our organizational health goals. Our challenges incentivize our employees not only on wellness initiatives but also on learning and development opportunities around our products and industry.

Celebrating and recognizing our employees’ wins, no matter how big or small, is IPRO’s DNA. 

IPRO continues to build a culture of recognition and create a more inclusive culture that drives higher productivity and improves retention. Join our team today.