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Case Study

Service Provider uses Secure, Cloud eDiscovery to Better Search, Review, and Manage Growing Client Datasets

As a medium-size legal services provider, ProFile aims to evaluate new client ambitions, demonstrate the best tools available for the project, then determine a right-sized solution. As its cases were becoming more complex, the Columbus, Ohio-based company saw the need for a more powerful, yet reliable eDiscovery solution, but didn’t want to build such a full-scale environment in-house.

ProFile, which provides eDiscovery and other legal services—from collection to production—looked to use IPRO to help solve these challenges by moving to a cloud eDiscovery solution. The migration enabled the company not only to take the burden off its IT resources by offering a more secure environment to host client data, but also leverage more powerful technology to better search, index, and review their information.

Increased security, improved access and features

As it moved to cloud eDiscovery earlier than many other legal service providers. ProFile was able to remain competitive because it now had the technology to host client data with the level of security its law firm and legal department customers needed. Further, the cloud-environment enabled clients to more easily access the data without having to remote into a local server, said Andrew Keck, owner of ProFile Discovery.

In addition to increased security, and improved access, the enhanced capabilities, including Active Learning, advanced analytics, indexing in place, and the ability to analyze large datasets provided by the IPRO eDiscovery solution has been a differentiator for clients, he adds.

“I’m really forward with clients when I tell them, ‘I’m not storing your data on our personal servers or in our office. I’m storing it on IPRO’s cloud,’” Keck said. “This gives legal teams the peace-of-mind to practice law, knowing ProFile and IPRO have the technology side of things covered.”

Faster collection on larger cases

Most ProFile eDiscovery projects used to average between 500,000 documents and to 13 million documents to process. But like many other service providers, ProFile recently began to see data for its eDiscovery cases increase sometimes to include a few hundred GB. But the service provider was able to use IPRO eDiscovery to still manage the vast amount of information in a timely manner.

For example, ProFile was able to review in place with the solution and reduce 19 million emails down to 11 million by deduping, then eventually to under 400,000. In another case it was able to reduce the amount of custodians from several hundred to 12 for a legal hold request.

“When clients come to us with a case or problem, we use IPRO as the solution,” Keck said. “They trust us to put them in the right product, and we’ve always trusted IPRO.”

Improved accuracy and processes

“We’ve always pushed IPRO. When our clients come to us with a problem, we offer IPRO as the solution. We want clients to recognize the things we can do for them, as well as the experience and support IPRO brings to the table.”

Andrew Keck, Owner, ProFile Discovery

Moving to the cloud eDiscovery solution also enabled ProFile to improve and expedite the review process for its contracted and employed attorneys that assist the legal services provider with linear document review and defensible TAR. The Active Learning functionality within the software also has helped improve the accuracy of the review, Keck said.

“Between a review team’s expertise, IPRO Analytics, and our workflow, IPRO’s TAR becomes ProFile’s Smart Review,” he said. “We get a good response for this and other capabilities in IPRO.”

ProFile Discovery Offers IPRO as Solution of Choice for Clients

ProFile Discovery Offers IPRO as Solution of Choice for Clients

  1. 1. Peace of Mind. Using cloud eDiscovery from IPRO has enabled ProFile to offer the increased data security and back up its law firm customers require without having to increase IT costs or resources. This enables the company to focus more on its core legal services and give clients peace of mind that their data is properly secured.
  2. 2. AI-enabled review. ProFile is leveraging some additional functionality within the IPRO eDiscovery solution, including AI-enabled Active Learning to be able to get more granular, review of privileged documents and provide more accuracy and confidence to clients.
  3. 3. An IPRO first company. The service provider now offers IPRO cloud eDiscovery as a solution of choice for nearly all of its clients
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