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One of the largest women-owned law firm in California Wilson Turner Kosmo moves to OPEN DISCOVERY

One of the largest certified women-owned law firm in California, Wilson Turner Kosmo, moves to OPEN DISCOVERY to adapt and thrive in the new challenging eDiscovery landscape presented by the remote work environment.

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Founded in 1991, the firm represents the litigation and counseling needs of companies on a local, state, and national level. Their clients range from Fortune 50 companies to local businesses across multiple industries including manufacturing, retail, restaurants and hospitality, health care, real estate, public entity, banking, transportation, oil and gas, technology, and pharmaceutical.

Challenges caused by the proliferation of digital sources

As for many other law firms, the Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and its related sources of information have grown exponentially over the last three years. Remote depositions have been around for a long time, but it was not a common practice until March 2020 and after overcoming some initial challenges. Lawyers have transitioned to doing most of their depositions virtually, causing a significant escalation in the number of video recordings. In the areas of employment law, with many employees transitioning to remote or a hybrid remote work environment, the use of emails, text messages, Zoom, Teams, and Skype video calls exploded, and the firm needed a more efficient way to process and review data much faster and more efficiently.

Why Wilson Turner Kosmo chose OPEN DISCOVERY

IPRO gives the best value for the performance. Once we saw all the capabilities that come with the tool, and how user-friendly it is, it was easy to choose OPEN DISCOVERY.

Justin Pena, eDiscovery Director at Wilson Turner Kosmo

The firm tested various platforms before deciding to move forward with OPEN DISCOVERY. They wanted to find a product that met their needs and that had the best value for performance. A tool that was easy for them as a firm to adapt to and adopt. OPEN DISCOVERY offered them all the capabilities they were looking for to support their litigation practice. With the proliferation of video depositions, OPEN DISCOVERY provided an easier way to process the audio files as well as many other type of file formats that had more recently started to be generated by the remote work technologies. Moreover, OPEN DISCOVERY gave the attorneys the ability to search easily through email threads, de-duplicate and quickly find the most relevant ones without having to review thousands of non-relevant emails.

One of the most recent cases where the firm leveraged the technology included ten different witnesses with PST files, several gigs of data, and thousands of emails

By using OPEN DISCOVERY for document review, we are able to stand out from the competition, showing to potential clients that we could do the same work and produce better results because we’re more efficient.

Justin Pena, eDiscovery Director at Wilson Turner Kosmo

Without OPEN DISCOVERY, the review process would have been an incredibly lengthy and extremely costly one for their client. With OPEN DISCOVERY they were able to search any email for specific date ranges and the search showed only the relevant documents. This was very beneficial for their clients as they didn’t have to pay for an expensive document review process, and showed the firm was extremely efficient at producing the most relevant information for the case without delays.

Wilson Turner Kosmo also found tremendous value in IPRO’s documentation and Customer Support team, especially when transitioning from one product to another. IPRO team supported the firm with database creation, reference guides on how to perform tasks step-by-step for both administrators and reviewers, and onboard training with the attorneys. The responsiveness of the IPRO Customer Support team has been key in situations where they needed something to be addressed urgently as to not disrupt the firm’s workflow.

IPRO is reinventing the way organizations interact with their data.

IPRO revolutionizes the eDiscovery process by providing earlier, actionable insights before collection occurs, empowering legal teams to focus on what matters.

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