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California Discovery Consulting Firm Increases Revenue, Efficiency as an IPRO Partner

K2 Discovery was looking for an e-Discovery archiving solution that was scalable to replace its legacy system. The search, however, led to a formal alliance partnership with IPRO that allows the boutique eDiscovery company to maximize product functionality to better serve clients and reduce overhead for increased revenue.

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Santa Monica, California-based K2 Discovery selected IPRO LIVE EDA to assess the facts before starting to collect data in an immutable yet flexible archive-upon-ingestion framework. The technology utilizes “index at rest” to identify data subsets required for each review. The live index becomes a treasure trove of unstructured information, including emails, documents and chat messages, utilized for client requests. As a partner, K2 Discovery is now able to streamline workflow processes to help maximize the IPRO solution for e-discovery, investigations, compliance and other client requests.

Solid base to start

K2 Discovery chose to partner with IPRO based on the capabilities of LIVE EDA. The end-to-end solution provides K2 clients full transparency from collection to early case assessment to full review.

The strength of the partnership comes from the ability to have questions answered quickly, new functionality added per K2 client requests, and collaboration on K2’s clients’ needs.

“The software has a great layout, makes sense the way it’s structured, and clearly shows the origin of each record,” Megan Faircloth, Senior Project Manager at K2 noted. “I enjoy working with IPRO because they have developers available to discuss new features and updates. There’s a shared goal in how it will function.”

Index Once, Use Many

K2 Discovery reduced the time needed for collections and processing of costly, time-consuming large cases from months to weeks. K2’s partnership with IPRO provides key technology to help provide new solutions for clients. The collaboration resulted in new capabilities and best practices to use with LIVE EDA to expedite “index once, use many” functionality.

Shaking hands

“With IPRO’s collaboration, we are able to provide a streamlined solution to our clients” said Kirk Carter, CEO. “Now we can give clients visibility into their data before search terms are even agreed upon. This enables us to help clients be better prepared for their meet and confer.”

“K2 Discovery is an exemplary member of IPRO’s partner ecosystem that combines depth, of knowledge, care, and commitment to project success along with our best-in-class information governance and eDiscovery software”, said Charles Nguyen, Director of Partnerships & Alliances at IPRO. This has enabled K2 Discovery and IPRO to reach more customers, accelerate pipeline development and drive growth and expansion plans.

Showcasing partnership adds value

K2 Discovery now shares with customers how it has partnered with IPRO to continue enhancing its solutions and services, enabling it to provide more value and transparency. Clients are realizing the difference they receive with a company that’s investing in technology to make a difference for them, Carter said.

We secured a large corporate client because of the technology offered through our partnership with IPRO.

Kirk Carter, CEO at K2 Discovery

“We share with clients that we are using IPRO technology, as a partner we are able to provide insight to the development team based on our clients’ requests,” Carter said. “We are always looking out for the best interests of our clients.”

K2 Discovery Partners with IPRO to Customize eDiscovery Solution

K2 Discovery Partners with IPRO to Customize eDiscovery Solution

  1. Open line of communication K2 worked closely with IPRO developers to make the LIVE EDA solution more efficient for its e-discovery workflow.
  2. Reduced software cap ex Before partnering with IPRO, K2 used various solutions to manage its eDiscovery services. By working to modify the solution and workflow, it was able to reduce its reliance on legacy products.
  3. Comprehensive product and service K2 Discovery joined forces with IPRO because it had a product that was unique for the EDRM model and was engaged to help maximize the workflow.
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IPRO revolutionizes the eDiscovery process by providing earlier, actionable insights before collection occurs, empowering legal teams to focus on what matters.

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