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New IPRO Webinar on How to Get the Most Out of eDiscovery Education

Published March 5, 2020

Law School, Certifications, and Training (Oh my!) – How to Get the Most Out of eDiscovery Education (New Webinar)

Education in eDiscovery is a mixed bag. Anytime you talk to someone in this industry, it’s always interesting to hear how they started doing the work they are doing. I’ve never heard anyone say, “Oh, I majored in eDiscovery – it was my childhood dream,” but the common thread you do find is that they were interested in the law or technology (or both), which led them to a current role at a law firm, service provider, corporation, or software company.

However they arrived, the question remains about how to continue learning the latest trends and best-practices in order to do the job. Since many people attend webinars and conferences to do just that, we here at IPRO decided to do both and host a webinar on eDiscovery education live from the annual IPRO Tech Show.

On 3/12 at 2pm EST you can hear three industry leaders, each from a different segment of the training and certification world, discuss how you can get the most out of your eDiscovery education.

Hear Michael Quartararo from ACEDS, Josh Abbott from ASU, and Krista Schmidt from IPRO talk about how technology training and certification can give you a competitive edge in your career path, as well as offer their insight into the most important best-practices you should adopt on the job.

Only one week left to Listen to the webinar On Demand now!