IPRO Training and Certification Featured in LegalTech News

Looking to jump start your legal technology career but don’t know how? Jared Coseglia, CEO of TRU Staffing, wrote a great article, “Which Comes First: Licensing Dominance or Certification Ecosystem?” about the progression of IPRO’s demanding training and certification process in Part Twenty-Two of his certification series for Legaltech News. Below are a few highlights – Click here to read the full article!

IPRO eDiscovery Training and Certification:

“When asked how investment has impacted the [Ipro] vision and tool, Krista Schmidt responds: ‘Moving IPRO legacy into the future, making the tool a lot simpler and breeding a good set of administrators.’ Krista Schmidt is the manager of professional services at IPRO Tech and has been with the organization for almost seven years. ‘Breeding a good set of administrators’ means training and certifying individuals on the tool.

“Ipro, like many software companies within and external to the e-discovery market, is primarily focused on certifying the customers that license its technology, but is this enough to breed good administrators at sufficient speed and volume to fulfill a potentially hyper-accelerated user base? The need to breed good administrators has been essential for any successful ESI software company to compete in the industry. As more buyers need more administrators, they will eventually go to market to acquire talent with those brand-specific skill sets. Historically, law firm litigation support departments and ESI service providers—which is where most e-discovery job openings are today—rarely rely on training from within, frequently poach talent from peer firms and almost always want superior experience with technology platforms specific to their environment. Without a pool of human resources trained on the tool, software licensees are forced to steal talent from other clients of that same licensure.

“If talent in e-discovery needs to know a particular software in order to elevate or expand their job prospects and that training is readily available, the culture of the community indicates that professionals will seek out that training and get it. In the coming years, IPRO’s ability to scale its training and certifications programs in synchronicity with its evolving technology could contribute to customer confidence in switching streams and replacing their current software with IPRO.”

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