IPRO Tech LLC Joins MatterPoint-Ready Program For eDiscovery Software Providers

Aquipt’s MatterPoint-Ready Program defines pre-packaged, tested and optimized e-Discovery Software solutions ready for immediate deployment on MatterPoint Computing Infrastructure.

Aquipt, Inc. is pleased to announce and welcome IPRO Tech LLC, a leading e-Discovery software provider, to its MatterPoint-Ready program. The announcement follows the successful processing of over 1 TB of e- discovery case data using IPRO’s Allegro early case assessment software, during a live demonstration powered by MatterPoint infrastructure at the recent IPRO Innovations conference.

This unique partnership provides firms, legal service providers and corporate legal departments on-demand access to IPRO Enterprise products without the burden of expensive on premise infrastructure costs. IPRO is providing two packages as a standard offering with tested and validated performance metrics:

The Deluxe package is a full enterprise environment suitable for larger or deadline driven cases when processing speeds really count.

  • Allegro environment supports ingestion speeds up to 13 GB/Hour.
  • eCapture, electronic file processing, is scaled to support full processing to image at 10 GB/Day, in addition to supporting Enterprise OCR in Allegro and Eclipse productions.
  • Eclipse document review environment can support up to 100 Eclipse users and offers Tiff production rates in the range of 460-480K Pages/Hour.

The Economy package was created with smaller cases or cost-prohibitive projects in mind.

  • Allegro environment supports ingestion speeds up to 6 GB/Hour.
  • eCapture supports full processing to image at 3 GB/Day, in addition to supporting Enterprise OCR in Allegro and Eclipse productions.
  • The Eclipse environment can support up to 25 Eclipse users and offers Tiff production rates in the range of 70K Pages/Hour.

With MatterPoint, clients gain competitive efficiencies by keeping technology consumption in precise alignment with the demands of their matters and in having the scalability to respond quickly to new opportunities. Modern eDiscovery applications demand more high-performance resources than ever before. With MatterPoint, those resources are available on-demand, with price certainty every step of the way, enabling the flexibility, agility and control necessary to adapt to the legal sector’s shifting landscape. The MatterPoint platform is built, maintained and supported by IT professionals who understand eDiscovery software requirements and the mission critical environments of e-Discovery professionals. Fast and secure, MatterPoint is 100% content-neutral and utilizes industry-leading encryption throughout.

“MatterPoint’s high performance and easy-to-use environment is a great way for customers to access our enterprise-level software without having to buy, install, and maintain it,” stated Jamie Neilon, Vice President of IT at IPRO.  “It’s exciting to see Aquipt expanding the choices law firms and legal departments have when finding the right eDiscovery solution for their cases.”

Aquipt enables law firms and vendors alike to transform the complexities and expense of operating and
supporting in-house eDiscovery infrastructure into an easy-to-use, affordable service with its MatterPoint offering. Defined by Aquipt’s 25 years of legal industry experience, MatterPoint enables rapid deployment of necessary computing power and storage capacity.

“We’re excited to welcome IPRO’s suite of software to our MatterPoint-Ready program,” said Bob Rivas, Executive Director of MatterPoint. “MatterPoint Ready is the result of not only installation and testing of pre- defined packages, but also fine-tuning by IPRO for peak performance on MatterPoint’s enterprise-class virtual private servers and hybrid SSD SAN storage.”

About IPRO Tech, LLC
Founded in 1989, IPRO is a global leader in the development of advanced software solutions used by legal professionals to streamline the discovery process. IPRO’s worldwide network of corporations, law firms, government agencies, and legal service providers rely on IPRO’s Enterprise platform to organize, review, process, and produce litigation data of vast sizes and complexity levels more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. For more information on IPRO, visit

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