IPRO Tech, LLC. Announces Release of Eclipse, Allegro, and eCapture 2013

New Releases Include High-Speed Production and Index-Building for Eclipse and Forensic File Handling for Allegro

Phoenix, AZ (May 30, 2013):  IPRO Tech, Inc., a worldwide provider of electronic discovery and document review technologies, today announced the release of 2013 versions of Allegro, eCapture, and Eclipse.  Allegro, eCapture, and Eclipse are all components of the IPRO Enterprise digital discovery suite, an integrated software solution containing tools for early case assessment, web-based review, eDiscovery processing, and high-speed production.

The 2013 release of review platform Eclipse will include changes to the SQL database schema to improve performance and increase case size capacity, as well as distributed processing for increased speed when building indexes.  The application will also now use distributed “Enterprise Workers”, based on eCapture worker technology, to perform high-speed, scalable production directly from Eclipse.  Eclipse users will receive an unlimited license to utilize these “Enterprise Workers” within their productions to ensure all production deadlines are met to the highest standards. IPRO’s proprietary “Production Shield” technology that helps to prevent the production of privileged documents has also been added to this release.  A new release for Eclipse’s in-house counterpart, Eclipse SE, is slated for early June and will contain custom coding fields, coding rules, and an updated, streamlined UI.

Allegro 2013, the early case assessment component of the Enterprise solution, will feature forensic file image handling for increased ingestion capabilities as well as significant speed and performance improvements.  eCapture 2013 will also feature speed improvements in processing, date extract, QC, and export as well as PDF package handling and simplified job creation workflow.  Allegro and Eclipse will also have a consistent Windows 8 look and feel to reduce the learning curve for the fully integrated applications.

“The 2013 versions of Eclipse, Allegro, and eCapture represent a huge step towards our goal of creating an Automated Digital Discovery™ solution (“ADD”),” Said Kim Taylor, President and COO of IPRO Tech, Inc.  “With Eclipse utilizing the IPRO Enterprise worker powered by eCapture, users can meet any deadline with high-speed, scalable production technology.  Additional features like ‘Production Shield’ technology in Eclipse and forensic file image handling in Allegro will add even more capability to the IPRO Enterprise platform.”

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