IPRO podcast on Lawyerist, part 3 Redactions

IPRO’s VP of desktop solutions Derek Miller talks about the recent issues that have occurred with redactions. Recently, in the news there is the story of redacted information erroneously/accidentally being exposed because of the tools that were used to do the redaction.  It’s probably not the first or the last time this will happen.  In that instance, it was more of an issue of understanding how the technology works vs. the tool that was used and that could be the bigger problem when it comes to selecting tools for the toolbox.

Also in this episode with Geoff Woods, we talk about what the ONE thing means, why we shouldn’t focus on more than one thing, how to pick a “thing”, and how to overcome the challenges along the way.


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Read our latest blog about the redactions in the recent Federal Opioid Case, or learn more about IPRO’s eDiscovery desktop solution!

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