IPRO Empowers Partners with Enhanced Partner Program

New Model Drives Greater Value, Rewards Partner Expertise in Solution Areas

Tempe, Ariz., October 8, 2015IPRO Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in the design of eDiscovery workflow software, today announced the evolution of the IPRO Partner Program, designed to help partners build competitive advantage, improve recognition and increase profitability.

The enhanced IPRO Partner Program rewards the knowledge and experience a partner has in a specific solution area. It includes two new distinctions, Review Partners and Processing Partners designed to empower partners to deliver greater value to customers.

The enhanced Partner Program recognizes partners’ investment in IPRO, as well as IPRO’s commitment to its partners. Partners will be rewarded with opportunities for increased discounts, co-marketing and lead generation opportunities, access to training and certifications, and sales enablement resources. IPRO is also rolling out new Platinum distinctions as part of its Program, recognizing and promoting partners with advanced hosting, technical and service capabilities in either Hosting or Processing. A number of partners already possess qualifications toward Platinum, based on annual sales and certifications their personnel have earned. The Program will continue to offer Reseller and Trainer & Consultant distinctions.

“With the tremendous growth of IPRO product usage in the marketplace, there is an incredible opportunity for IPRO partners to provide certified expertise on IPRO solutions to their customers,” said Kim Taylor, President of IPRO.  “We are committed to helping our partners maximize profitability and grow their businesses by making sure they have the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to meet the eDiscovery needs of their customers.”

With its new Partner Program, IPRO has created a worldwide framework to give a variety of channel partners the opportunity to expand their businesses and fill the need for qualified experts on IPRO solutions. Consolidated into four categories, the partner program will focus on developing relationships that foster mutual business growth and long-term success. Benefits of the Partner Program include:

IPRO Review Partners: Review Partners provide access to IPRO’s review platform, Eclipse, in a hosted environment and enjoy valuable benefits and exceptional service as a reward for their ongoing trust and support. By increasing the level of expertise, Partners can advance to Platinum Review Partner status and receive the most competitive discounts and greatest lead generation.

Ipro Processing Partners: Processing Partners use IPRO solutions within their organization to provide superior data processing and litigation support services to law firms and corporations around the world. IPRO Processing partners enjoy valuable benefits and have the option to advance to Platinum Processing Partner status by expanding their skill sets.

Resellers: IPRO Resellers have proven their ability to effectively handle the pre-sales and post-sales needs of customers looking for solutions to manage their in-house litigation support needs. Resellers benefit from competitive margins, valuable training and lead generation tools. Reseller status can be obtained as a standalone option or in conjunction with one of IPRO’s other Partner distinctions.

Trainers & Consultants: IPRO Trainers & Consultants are litigation support software experts who are qualified to independently train and consult on IPRO solutions. The individuals are vetted by IPRO as exceptional resources to conduct initial consultations, installation, migration support and comprehensive training on IPRO tools. Trainers and consultants have access to a wide range of IPRO’s educational resources and tools.

“As a Platinum IPRO Partner, we are thrilled with IPRO’s continued investment in partner training and certification requirements,” says Jennifer Johnson, Vice President of Commonwealth Legal, a Division of Ricoh Canada. “Enhancements to the program ensure competency across the industry and ultimately enables us to provide highly-focused, innovative solutions to our clients based on their specific needs.”

IPRO’s certification courses will focus various areas of product expertise from Sales Experts and Administrators to the newly introduced Document Review Trainers who are able to effectively review documents utilizing all of the available features. Partners are educated and certified on a variety of levels including sales knowledge, best practices, product workflow management and administrative functions.

IPRO looks to provide the highest level of support and lead generation to its Partners including sales and marketing tools web listings; the ability to contribute to development to help drive new features in beta releases; and access to an a secure online portal which houses a variety of valuable partner specific tools and resources . For more information on IPRO’s Partner Program, potential partners can email [email protected] or visit our website.

About IPRO Tech, LLC
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