IPRO and TrialDirector Announce Software Integration

Industry Leaders Combine Forces to Improve eDiscovery and Deposition Video Analysis  

Scottsdale, Ariz. – April 27, 2016 – IPRO Tech, LLC and TrialDirector, today announced new product integration between Eclipse, IPRO’s web-based eDiscovery review software and the TrialDirector product line including TrialDirector SHARE, TrialDirector’s online deposition video repository, providing attorneys with an efficient, streamlined way to access, search and analyze video transcripts together with other case documents for review and trial.

The new integration expands the transcript functionality already built in to Eclipse. With the integration, users can grab copies of already synchronized deposition video files from TrialDirector SHARE and pull them directly into Eclipse with a push of a button. Once in Eclipse, video transcript files are combined with other transcripts and case documents. Searches can be conducted across the entire data set for a clearer picture of the case.  The integration eliminates the need to work between disparate review and deposition systems to search, analyze and annotate documents and video files.  Work product created in Eclipse can then be transferred to TrialDirector for continued trial preparation and presentation in the courtroom.  Together, the product integration allows litigation teams to better manage more types of discovery data and take that critical evidence directly into the courtroom.

“Our goal is to make eDiscovery less complex so that our customers can accomplish more in fewer steps,” said Kim Taylor, President and CEO, IPRO. “Thanks to this integration, Eclipse users can easily add and search deposition videos as part of the larger collection, enabling attorneys to flesh out their case like never before.”

Eclipse, sold separately or as part of the ADD Automated Digital Discovery platform, is a web-based, world class review solution with built-in analytics and Technology Assisted Review (TAR) to pinpoint key documents smarter, faster and with greater accuracy. Synchronized depositions from TrialDirector are the easy way to review testimony, locate key elements and create and export video clips that contain both the video and the relevant text.

“The use of synchronized deposition video is extremely powerful and persuasive. By having one-touch integration with Eclipse, we’re empowering our shared customers to drive greater value from their eDiscovery review and prepare for trial,” stated Derek Miller, CEO and President of TrialDirector. “IPRO delivers the fastest way to get data into review, while TrialDirector SHARE offers a secure and simple way to access synchronized video files with the court reporter’s transcripts and transfer the files for review.”

The new product integration was announced and demonstrated today at IPRO’s Innovations Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.

About TrialDirector
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