IPRO Adds Visual Culling in Allegro 3.2

New Release of Early Data Assessment Tool Now Presents Data in Intuitive, Graphically Rich Graphs, Charts, and Timelines 

Phoenix, AZ (August 16, 2012) – IPRO Tech, Inc., a founder of litigation support technology and a worldwide leader in the design of e-Discovery software, today announced the release of IPRO Allegro 3.2. Part of the IPRO Enterprise litigation content management platform, IPRO Allegro is an early data assessment tool that allows users to gain a better understanding of key facts, individuals, and events related to a case while defensibly reducing the size of data collections before moving on to the costly stages of attorney review. This new release will most notably feature a completely redesigned user interface incorporating new “Visual Culling” functionality by use of dynamic graphs and charts.

“The new interface in Allegro 3.2 presents case data the way people think,” Said Rich Ruyle, CTO of IPRO Tech, Inc. “By using intuitive charts, graphs, and timelines users are able to quickly identify and prioritize all potential document custodians, time periods, and keywords, understand the size and scope of that data, and effectively cull the collection down to only what is relevant. This not only grants significant strategic advantage, but substantial cost savings by largely reducing the number of documents sent to the expensive stages of attorney review.”

A complete list of features incorporated into IPRO Allegro 3.2 are:

  • Full user interface overhaul that allows users to dynamically drill down into charts and graphs to visually cull their data
  • New document timeline control allowing users to drill down into months, weeks, or days by clicking on a graphic timeline of data concentration
  • Advanced metadata search functionality that not only allows users to target searching to metadata fields but it also presents an intuitive view structure to help them better understand how each rule will interact with the others
  • Updated keyword hit reports that now include a summary count of all documents returned with a percentage for those that had key word hits
  • MBOX and DBX Support

ILTA attendees can see IPRO Allegro 3.2 in IPRO Booth 900 at the ILTA Annual Conference taking place August 26-30 in National Harbor, Maryland. These new features will be also be demonstrated in detail during the session “IPRO Enterprise – Visual Data Assessment in Allegro” being presented in the Fort Washington Boardroom on Tuesday, August 28, from 9:00-10:00 AM. Space for this exclusive “Demo Room” session is limited so attendees are encouraged to RSVP at

About IPRO
IPRO creates high-speed, scalable, and efficient eDiscovery software tools for early data assessment, database management, review, processing, and production. The IPRO Enterprise Litigation Content Management System is currently one of the only eDiscovery software platforms that allow users to cull, process, review, and produce terabytes of data without the need to import and export between applications. IPRO software is used by thousands in law firms, corporate and government legal departments, and litigation service organizations. Currently, 80 of the Am Law 100 rely on IPRO Software in their firms. IPRO clients are found on six continents of the world. To learn more about IPRO, visit or call 1-888-477-6463.