A day in the life of IPRO Support

IPRO Tech’s Support team is more than just a group of people doing a job. We collaborate, encourage each other, and have fun along the way. Our support team is there when a client needs us whether for a complicated challenge or just to answer a quick question. Our work starts and ends with a simple phone call, but much goes on behind the scenes to deliver that level of service. Here’s a peek into the day to day reality and what it takes to get the job done.

As a team, we operate from 5 AM to 7 PM MST/AZ, so our shifts are sprinkled throughout the day to maintain coverage of all phone queues. Our team is made up of Technical Support Engineers, Escalation Engineers, and a select number of elite members, now referred to as the SWAT (Special Workflows and Technology) team.

While our team isn’t massive, we are sized well to handle the volumes, consistently maintaining around 2 dozen support representatives in the phone queue. The work climate is relaxed, but focused, with bouts of intense troubleshooting weaving through the open air of the department. Many times, clusters of team members huddle around a computer to help a peer troubleshoot a client’s challenge because we all want to learn and contribute our knowledge. Even the newest members of the IPRO Support group become well acquainted with the entire team after only a couple weeks due to the amount of interaction and collaboration. We each share our experiences to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Everyone plays a part in keeping the team operating smoothly and we all wear many hats. There are hats for maintaining the test rack environments, moderating the IPRO Community forum, training team members to take on more responsibilities, creating useful software utilities, updating organizational tools, or just being an install guru or software expert. It is important to our team to ensure the customer is comfortable and knowledgeable about the software and always know we are there to assist with any level of question.

We arrive for work, hop into the phone queue, build comradery as we rely on each other, play with Sparky when she trots around, and enjoy Pizza Thursday and Popsicle Friday together. We work past scheduled hours, meet on weekends for extra training, and generally have a good time working in a call center that really doesn’t feel like a call center at all.

It takes someone special and talented to be a part of this team. It isn’t always easy, but we learn so much along the way and love sharing our knowledge with our customers. We are committed to the success of our customers and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure an awesome IPRO experience.