Batches? We Don’t Need No Stinking Batches

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September 3, 2015

If You’re Not Using IPRO, You’re Over Paying for Analytics!
At IPRO we believe that eDiscovery has been too complicated and too costly for too long. IPRO is committed to its {i-proclamation} to deliver “simple, affordable, and automated eDiscovery”. Cost should not be a barrier to harnessing the power of Analytics. Technology Assisted Review (TAR), concept clustering, e-mail threading, and near-duplicate document analysis are included with Eclipse at no additional cost. It’s never been easier or more cost effective to find meaningful patterns in large data sets and better understand the facts in your case.

Experience an End to Batches Forever With Automated Digital Discovery (ADD®)!
Today’s eDiscovery is fundamentally “batch oriented,” meaning it requires processing of the entire data set before attorneys can begin looking at the documents to determine relevancy. ADD dramatically reduces the steps necessary to get from data ingestion to production, while removing the starts and stops that introduce costly, time-consuming errors.

At IPRO, our mission is to help companies and their law firms move away from inefficient, costly eDiscovery workflows. ADD’s new patent-pending technology allows you to avoid common time delays, errors and budget overruns by automating key data management and production steps. Once the workflow and settings are configured for the case, all you need to do is “add” more data. From start to finish, managing eDiscovery has never been easier or more efficient.

Don’t Let Other Solutions Waste Your Time and Money!
While other systems require large data sets to be processed before review can start, ADD has unleashed the power of streaming data by eliminating batches so data no longer has to wait for users to check it.

Batches are broken apart, but the tracking and chain of custody for all data remains intact. The data is then copied, verified and processed at the folder or container level simultaneously while filters such as date ranges, file types and de-duplication methods are applied automatically.

Data now has the ability to move along the stages of eDiscovery without having to wait for human interaction, and can stream into a document review system before a review team is even assembled.


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