5 Things I Learned from my Administrative Internship at IPRO Tech

Our Marketing intern, Tiffany Hill, shares her experience with IPRO Tech during her three-month stint and has some advice for others considering an internship.

1. Always ask questions. An internship is an excellent learning opportunity for you. Gather as much information as you possibly can. This will really benefit you when returning to school. With IPRO’s extremely collaborative environment, I found it easy to learn from people who are open and willing to answer questions.

2. Be known. Offices are full of people from all different kinds of professional backgrounds. Some with countless years of experience, others who are just starting out. There is something to be learned from everyone. With the job market being very competitive, connections are everything. Use your internship as an opportunity to build those connections. Don’t just walk in and go to your desk; get up, introduce yourself and meet EVERYONE. When meeting someone, ask what they do and about their background. Not only will this help spark a conversation and build a connection, you will also have a better understanding of their role within the organization and how you can assist them through your internship. Luckily at IPRO, I found this very easy to do. Besides the fact that IPRO encourages collaboration, they also have a fun, laid back, family-like culture. With events such as company picnics, happy hours and Popsicle Friday’s I was able to meet people in no time.

3. Treat this as a three-month interview. Just like you are checking out the organization and the employees, they are doing the same with you. Give everything your all, never half do any of your jobs/tasks. Take the opportunity to decide if this is a place you might like to launch your career when school is finished. Make sure to talk to the decision makers that may extend an offer to you so they know your intentions. Even though IPRO Tech is a software technology company, there is a host of other roles ranging from administrative to service where I can use my education. An internship is a great way to research different avenues and get a head start.

4. Share what you know. Every IPRO employee lives by the IPRO Manifesto comprised of principles the company values. One of the manifestos is: “Innovate & Create but do not duplicate”. Most companies are always looking for “new blood”, individuals who are energetic, outgoing and full of new ideas. Share what you know and what you have learned. There are always new trends, ideas and practices taught in the classroom. Share those with your team, and maybe you can help them be more innovative.

5. Apply what you learned. It is one thing to learn something in a classroom, it is another to apply it and be hands on. Soon after you start at IPRO you go through a very extensive, one-week training. During this week you will learn the ins and outs of every department that makes up IPRO. You have a full understanding of every department and what they do. With that being said, an experience like this will help develop your team skills as well as help you in a wide variety of your classes. I found that once I returned to school after my first internship, the things I learned in classes with an emphasis on Marketing and Human Resources were much easier. I was able to take what we were learning in class and apply it to what I learned from IPRO which made stronger connections in my mind. This goes back to #1- always ask questions. The more you soak up and learn, the easier things will be when you return to school and get into upper division, topic-specific classes.

All in all, it was a great experience with many learning opportunities. Interning with a vibrant, open and collaborative company like IPRO Tech, gave me skills that will certainly help me as I move forward in my career.

Interested in an experience like Tiffany’s? IPRO is hiring AND has ongoing Internship opportunities. Check us out on our website.