4 Reasons Why Summer is the Right Time to Start the IPRO Virtual Administrator Training Series

4 Reasons Why Summer is the Right Time to Start the IPRO Virtual Administrator Training Series
Written by Julie Badger, Product Learning Experience Manager, IPRO

While it may be summer, the time for learning doesn’t stop, and we here at IPRO are focusing our energy on helping our customers get the most out of their IPRO products with IPRO training courses.

The IPRO training team has built a solid body of training materials and courses targeted to meet the needs of adult learners where they are. You might wonder, “What’s so different about adult learners?” Well, research shows that adult learners learn differently, have different motivations, and different educational needs which must be addressed:

  • Adult learners draw on their past experiences to inform their current learning objectives.
  • Adult learners are goal oriented, targeted learners who narrow their learning objectives to only what is most relevant and applicable.
  • Adult learners are also very self-directed and learn more by practicing and doing than by rote memorization.

With adult-learning theory in mind, we’ve adapted our former in-house training courses and made them available in in virtual web-series format. The beauty of this adapted course curriculum is that it gives the learner the ability to grasp the concepts by following along during the lecture-based training. Then, separately, learners can go work on the practice exercises and homework to deepen their understanding of the materials in the context of their own software implementation. The combination of lecture-based learning with self-guided learning can really help cement the core concepts in a learner’s brain.

At IPRO we’re committed to educational excellence and would love to help you meet your education goals in 2020.

If you book an open session for the IPRO Virtual Administrator Training Series
any time between June 1st and July 31styou can receive a 20% discount on the course fee:
Use the promo code SUMMER20 when you sign up. 

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